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JULY 2014     

More and more job interviews these days are being conducted over video chatting services, which can be either great or terrifying (or both). Here are some tips for nailing that Skype interview. more
Mindfulness is a practice thatís gaining popularity with psychologists, leadership consultants, educators, and communication specialists. So what is it exactly?   One of the most promising industries in recent years is that of renewable energy. This infographic illustrates the evolution and future growth potential of renewable energy sources.   Brief highlights of notable U.S. S&T legislative and policy developments from the past 60 days
Find out how one IEEE Senior Member's eight-year quest to help a diabetic friend find a gentler way to test his blood sugar went from the drawing board to production of a device that can help diabetics around the world.   Each year , Hoover Dam generates an average of about 4 billion kilowatt-hours of hydroelectric power ó enough to serve 1.3 million people in the southwest.†Despite lower water levels in the dam's reservoir, recent upgrades to turbines, wicket gates and software have increased the powerplant's efficiency tremendously.   An application to help people in an unsafe or confrontational situation and one to keep an Android phone clean and optimized won the top prizes in the App-E-Feat mobile app development contest sponsored by IEEE-USA.
Thereís a lot of advice out there on leadership and management. Most of itís pretty good, but here are some pearls of leadership and management wisdom that should be avoided.   On 19 June 2014, the Supreme Court ruled on the patentability of software. Patent protection is available for new processes and systems but "abstract ideas" are not patentable. Here's the problem, what is "abstract" and how do we determine whether an invention is an "abstract idea"?  
As we embark on an exciting new year, IEEE-USA invites members and non-members to submit story ideas and articles on career and public policy issues that affect U.S. technology professionals. Interested individuals should contact Today's Engineer Managing Editor Greg Hill at g.hill@ieee.org.
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Recent publicity surrounding Facebook's purchase of Oculus VR, might lead one to assume that virtual reality is a revolutionary advance. However, interacting with electronic displays dates back to technicians and operators adjusting equipment in responses to oscilloscope and radar displays up to a century ago, and to government and academic researchers researching and developing specialized interactive applications.
As of 1 April, the total number of cars recalled in 2014 was 6.26 million. The consequences of defective components goes beyond mere annoyance, with injuries and deaths adding up. So, Why is this happening?
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